ICOMOS Hungary: “Protected buildings in the service of handicapped persons”


“Protected buildings in the service of handicapped persons”

Program-organiser: dr. Balázs SZIGETHY / ICOMOS HUNGARY

Aim of the conference: learning about the legal context and prescriptions deadline
with accessibility and deadlines in connection of their mandatory applications; studying
possibilities, tools and means in order to reach accessibility in different kind of disability,
detect exigencies of interested and concerned civic organisations, NGO-s and individuals;
evaluate the level of technical and architectural training of experts; taking account of
possibilities and difficulties assuring accessibility of buildings, and especially of protected
ones; how to define the optimal level of interventions for; which are the possibilities to
harmonise Acts and other legal tools of different sectors of human and economic life; and
finally: elaborate a common document for future actions and for a more efficient cooperation.

Preliminary draft of the conference program:

Opening remarks:

Dr. Gergely NAGY President



Dr. Tamás FEJÉRDY Secretary General


Ministry of Human Resources - State Secretariat of the Social and Family Affairs

Attila FÜLÖP Vice-Secretary of State in responsibility for families and creating opportunities

(to be confirmed)

topic: legal context, prescriptions, requirements, deadlines

Ministry of Interior - Deputy State Secretariat for Area Management and Construction,

Cultural Heritage Department

Dr. Bálint OROSZ Head of Department

(to be confirmed)

topic: about changes in the regulations concerning building-activities and Heritage affaires

Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities non-profit Ltd.

Miklós SZENTKATOLNAY Project-leader

(title of presentation is under discussion )

topic: buildings at the service of handicapped persons – requirements and prescriptions

Association of Blind and Visually Impaired persons in the Central-Region of Hungary

Orsolya NÉMETH Vice President, professional leader

"Visible and invisible barriers – physical and ICT accessibility from the angle of the blind

and visually impaired peoples"

Budapest University of Technology – Faculty of Architecture

(to be confirmed)

topic: accessibility – training possibilities, the future generation

District Office at Győr of Government Office of Győr-Moson-Sopron County, Building

and Cultural Heritage Office

Dr. András VEÖREÖS architect, inspector of Historic Monuments

"May or may not be? Should or should not? – accessibility of protected buildings, historic


Government Office of Pest County - Construction and Heritage Division

Péter KLANICZAY architect, inspector of Historic Monuments

(to be confirmed)

Invited practicing architects

topic: accessibility in the practice, concerning especially protected buildings

Bendegúz NAGY architect, specialised professional on the field of Rehabilitation

Foundation “De Jure”

"Historic monuments for everybody – accessibility as added value for Historic Monuments"


(to be confirmed)

II. session

Round Table discussion: with invited representatives, leaders – questions and answers

involving whole audience


Dr. Gergely NAGY President


III. session

Possibilities of harmonisation of legal regulations of the different sectors; elaboration of

a common document for future actions and for a more efficient cooperation and mutual

exchange of information

Redaction and adoption of the text concerning future tasks and actions to be realised in a large


Closing remarks


Dr. Gergely NAGY President




Scheduled timing:

In order to have necessary time for understanding and discussing topics it is foreseen as a one

day long conference.

The morning sessions: Greetings and presentation, 25 min is given to each of them, which

makes 4 hours altogether (with a coffee break) from 9 am to 1.30 pm. Buffet lunch organised

on the place from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm.

The last sessions of the afternoon (without break) from 2.30 pm to 4.30 - two hours for

finalising achievements of discussions.

Participation - audience:

Interested professionals, handicapped persons and their associations, administrations, local

government and municipality peoples: from 100-150 participants. Pre-registration is needed.

The conference, having its goals of awareness-raising, is open and free for everybody.

Hungary, at The Károlyi manor-house, in Fehérvárcsurgó, using its accessible rooms and

Friday, 18 October 2013

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Guided visit of the Castle (manor house) built in 1844, in neoclassical-style.

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