This project was launched in 2008 by the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) on the initiative of the City of Lyon, in partnership with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (within the framework of the France-UNESCO Convention and extrabudgetary funds from the Netherlands), the Council of Europe, the Getty Conservation Institute and ICOMOS, represented by its International Committee on Historic Cities and Villages (CIVVIH). The CIVVIH played an active part in identifying project managers and participating in the project’s steering committee. 

In the catalogue, find publications by ICOMOS International but also International Scientific Committees and National Committees. Among others:

  • Collection Monuments and Sites 
  • Heritage at risk special editions
  • Proceedings of ICOMOS Symposia
  • Thematic studies in the context of the World Heritage Convention
  • ICOMOS Scientific Journals (remaining issues)

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Dinu Bumbaru, former ICOMOS Secretary General and current member of the Executive Committee,  has been awarded the Prix du Québec, the most prestigious award attributed by the Government of Québec in all fields of culture and science. This is the highest heritage distinction in Canada, where heritage is primarily the responsibility of the provinces.


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